The Journey of Launching a New Website

Building, overhauling, or even simply updating a website can seem to be an overwhelming task. Similar to climbing a mountain, it may take time to prepare for the journey as well as the actual challenge of climbing to the top - and getting your site live.

There are some clear places to start such as your domain name, but after that the project can take off in a number of directions.

STEP 1: Be A Designer

Consider your:

  • Logo - is it eye catching and help further your brand?

  • Colors - are they easily readable? Are the complimentary or do they clash when viewed together?

  • Fonts used - choose one for each: headlines, subheadings, paragraphs

  • Imagery - are you using cartoon style graphics or high quality photos?

  • Flow/Organization/Navigation - are pages, topics, and sections clearly labeled?

  • Consistency - do your pages look like they go together?

STEP 2: Be A Project Manager

Consider your:

  • Your purpose - are you highlighting rates, promotions, products?

  • Use of site - why are people visiting you online?

  • DNS location - do you know where the domain name is or will be hosted?

  • Documents - do you have forms or agreements needing to be housed on the site?

  • Financial calculator options

  • Search Engine Optimization - do you have solid keywords and headings?

Congratulations! You’ve prepared the basics and you’re climbing. It’s time to enjoy the view. Your website is your virtual branch; it may be the first, or only, chance to tell your story, or it might be the start of a sales pitch. So what does this mean when considering your marketing strategy?

STEP 3: Be A Marketing Executive

Use your site to:

  • Build your brand - engage your community, differentiate yourself.

  • Present your value - highlight past experiences, your friendly staff, your excellent customer service.

  • Deliver content in an effective way - illustrate community involvement and highlight employee stories.

  • Become the mouthpiece of your community - be a source of information for your neighborhood and member-group.

So make a plan, visualize the mountain you’re climbing, and get excited about the view from the top! Best case scenario? It motivates you to tackle the next challenge!

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