Your Digital Presence: Checking the box or creating an experience?

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By now I think we can all agree that being online and having a digital presence for your brand (business, financial institution, anything) is a requirement and not just a nicety. But in 2019, simply just being online is not enough anymore. Tackling and conquering the digital frontier is necessary to stay relevant, to attract new members, and to spread the word of the credit union’s community driven mission. It’s not just about a “digital-first” approach. It’s about offering a unique experience to the user at all stages of their journey.

Consider this: if a potential member came into your credit union’s brick and mortar branch, your team would do everything in their power to give them a unique experience. Your website is your virtual branch. Are you holding your website to this standard? Is it user friendly and convenient? Does it add value to their experience? Is it easily viewed on mobile devices? Is it ADA compliant so it can help everyone?

Another take on your digital presence is pushing to create a human experience where the humans actually are - interacting on social media platforms, and accessing it on their phones. This perspective brings engagement and peer recommendations into play as well. Research states that over 70% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, and that 84% of online shoppers check at least one social media site before making a purchase. Modern users, and younger generations, have come to expect personalized experiences that add value for them.

When taking those questions into consideration and seeing how the future of your brand is in play, it’s important to realize that simply digitizing your content is only the beginning. Checking the “digital presence” box will only point you in the right direction. In 2019, it’s well past the time to step beyond the basics. Now’s the time to offer an exceptional online experience!