Do you even #Hashtag, bro?

Your social media platforms are key for reaching and engaging your current members as well as your future members, not to mention your community as a whole. Getting noticed and standing out in the marketing game is the key to gaining more likes, follows, subscribers, and comments that use the fire and heart emoji. While this might be easier said than done, there are a few ways to be creative. Some are literally scientifically proven. Not to mention the fact that there’s a good chance your key demographic is making decisions based on what they see on these platforms.

GIFs are often looked at as silly and unprofessional, but they can actually be used thoughtfully to help your brand stand out on social media and better connect with your audience visually to increase engagement.
- Adding visuals to tweets boosts retweets by 35%
- Photos make up 75% of Facebook posts and account for 87% of shared content on the platform

Hashtags continually prove to be great resources for engagement. So when you successfully create a hashtag for your business, other benefits include:
- Optimize for discovery
- Increase traffic
- Showcase brand advocates
- Measure your efforts
- Cross networking
You don't necessarily always have to go out and find new hashtags to use. There's a chance your brand is mentioned alongside some popular hashtags already.

Scientists have discovered that when we look at a smiley face, the same parts of the brain are activated as when we look at a real human face. Relate to your audience by speaking their language!

So where do we draw the line on the light-heartedness and posting loan specials? While there is no hard and fast rule, learn more about the importance of using social platforms in general to ensure you’re reaching your audience in this video from OMNICOMMANDER CEO, Eric isham.