It's Not Just About Ideas

Imagining what we want something to look like is easy, but making that image a reality is not. That's why the proper design process can do more with your message than you could have ever imagined to create your brand's exceptional printed and digital collateral. 

“Design is so simple, it’s complicated".”

We have two design COMMANDOs consider many aspects before taking on a project, regardless of how big or small. When taking up a new project, there are a few “standard” principles of graphic design:

  1. Line

  2. Color

  3. Shape

  4. Space

  5. Texture

  6. Typography

  7. Scale/Size

  8. Dominance and Emphasis

  9. Balance

  10. Harmony

There are hundreds of rules and many more principles when it comes to creating great, eye catching designs, either on or off the web. These basics will ensure that anything you're creating is appealing and professional. This does not even take into account the fact that everything should consider ADA compliant, accessible design - especially if it’s going to be on your website and your social media platforms.

The good news? When left to the experts these things come second nature and result it a piece that efficiently and effectively conveys your message. The overall impression should be one of simplicity, where your brand’s story is being portrayed in a clean, concise, eye catching manner.

“A designer know he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.”

graphic designer meme.jpg