Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know

In 2019, digital marketing is a business must-have. There was once a time when you could ignore the technological shift the world was moving toward, but that time has come and gone. What worked for you back then might not be working for you right nowHere are 5 trends to follow:

1) OMNICHANNEL Marketing (see what I did there?)

Providing your members with an integrated marketing experience is vital these days. An omnichannel marketing technique creates a holistic experience for the consumer. Companies using omnichannel marketing techniques have a 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention rate on average.

2) Personalization

Many of a consumer’s purchases are wants not needs. Businesses can use this fact to benefit them by personalizing content to their consumers. The bespoke markets for consumers to be able to brand and customize the products they are buying is exploding.

3) Video Marketing

Videos are an amazing way to increase brand awareness, create a storyline and they allow you to engage with your consumers in an impactful way. Think about it - people retain about 65% of information seen in a video for three days longer than information without a visual aid. Many consumers prefer seeing a product rather than reading about one. Companies who use video marketing say they see higher conversion rates and increased sales revenue. 

4) Voice Marketing

No matter what device you own, voice recognition has become a major part of consumers lives. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be through voice recognition. Soon, brand awareness will need to be developed much earlier so that when you speak to your AI device (think Alexa, Siri, Hey Google), your product/services will directly be found. It may be time to consider rewriting meta-descriptions of websites for speech where it reads better out loud rather than the dry style used for text-based results. 

5) A/B testing

This is experimenting/comparing two variations of a marketing campaign or advertisement. By using the two variations, you can test which garners more interaction, return on investment, and conversions from your consumers. By seeing which variation gains the most attention and interaction, you can alter your campaign strategy to create the content that will further bring in your target consumer.