Marketing Isn't About YOUR Values

Marketing is about a lot of things - you, your product, your credit union’s values and story. The member does want and need to know all of this. But, at the core of marketing, is the fact that your members are really interested in how all of this relates back to them.

Your brand can only go so far talking about the technical or specific aspects of what you do, or even why you are better than your competition. The focus should be shifted to making marketing about benefits, not just features. The harsh reality is, your members and potential members don’t necessarily care about you (sorry!), they care about themselves. Which is where you come in! How do you meet their wants and needs? Your content, your messaging, your mission can all be looked at through the lens of members who will do business with you because they believe you are adding value to their lives.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this is the brand that most of us are basically attached to every waking hour of our day - Apple. I didn’t buy an iPhone because I believed Steve Jobs when he said, “People with passion can change the world”. I, and millions of others, bought iPhones because we want to BE one of those people.

Marketing is about figuring out your members. Who are they? What are their dreams and anxieties? How does this translate into the solutions you can provide them? At the end of the day, marketing isn’t about your credit union’s values. It’s about understanding what those values mean to your members.

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