Getting 1,000 website visitors per month may not sound like a lot of traffic. But, imagine all these people are walking through your front door. That is a lot of potential members who came to your branch with some sort of intent!

It is time to start focusing on how to convert them into loyal members. The trouble is, when most people hear “digital analytics” they tend to think of simple website analytics with tools like Google Analytics - traffic, unique visitors, bounce rate, etc. However, that only tells part of the story.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Where did your visitors come from before they visited your website?

  • What content did they discover that compelled them to visit your website?

  • What were they expecting to get information about when they visited?

  • Did they find what they were looking for?

If you are unable to answer all of these questions, then you do not have a full-picture of your Member’s Journey, and you may be wasting a lot of marketing dollars on strategies that you cannot measure.

The world's top brands measure everything to make data-driven business decisions. There are too many to list in one article. So, we’ll give you a place to start.

Fact: You cannot manage what you do not measure.

Fact: You cannot manage what you do not measure.


Top 3 Metrics to Track

1. Website Analytics

  • What are the sources and referrals that your visitors come from?

  • How long do they stay on your website?

  • What pages do they visit?

  • What locations are they visiting from?

  • How many form submissions did you receive?

2. Email Marketing Metrics

  • How many people opened your email?

  • How many clicked a link?

  • What links did they click?

  • How many unsubscribed?

3. Social Media Marketing Insights

  • How many people have seen your social content reaching?

  • How many people are Liking, Sharing, and Commenting?

  • How many people click the links on your posts?

  • What links are they clicking?

  • What are the top performing posts that you have published?

  • How do they correlate with peak periods of website traffic?

Understanding these metrics will help optimize your marketing and maximize the ROI on the dollars you spend to grow and promote your digital presence. That is why it is important to track and monitor digital analytics across platforms to help you make data-informed decisions.

Make every dollar count with detailed analytics!