Nail Your Newsletter


There is a delicate balance in email marketing between providing a lot of valuable content, or being on the edge of spamming your subscribers. This is where you consider the benefits of a newsletter! 

Newsletters are inherently personal. They are there to help you build a rapport and a connection with your readers. This kind of communication with your members is what drives them to trust your voice and be more inclined to continue to seek your services in the future. 

In one case study it was found that newsletter readers spent 80% more time on the site of the sender. The key is remembering that sending a newsletter might not lead to direct sales, or even be opened by recipient. But, they are still an ideal way to continuously introduce a piece of your brand’s personality into your readers. Newsletters are a great way to keep the conversation going from previous promotions and communications.

But, you might ask, how DO we attempt to get everyone to open my newsletter?! 

1. Make it punny. 

If you’re want to stand out amongst a reader’s bills and other emails, it’s important to try to make them smile or laugh. Make it relevant and related to your content, with a tiny dose of emoji, and you’re already on the way!

2. Show, then tell. 

Showcase your brand and services by telling your story with attention-grabbing images and conveying information in real ways rather than detailed technical explanations or sales pitches. 

3. Have some fun!

Make sure that while you are imparting real information to your reader, you’re keeping an element of pizazz. Everyone loves a gif, cat meme, or something to catch their eye from trolling over endless lines of text. 

it's science.gif

Amazing content? Check. ✔️
Now time to seal the deal by including a call-to-action. Make sure to ask for what you want! This is the part where you’re just asking your audience to do something for you - like check out something on a web page, leave us a review on Facebook or Yelp, join an email list, or anything else quick enough they can’t say no!


CEO Eric Isham talks with VP of Marketing Melanie Tucciarone about how to make sure your newsletter is “easily digested” by your readers!