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The Finest Federal Credit Union

Serving the law enforcement officers of New York State, The Finest FCU started with us in 2018 to launch their new website. Since that time they have also moved forward with a fully outsourced marketing strategy with our team to continue their astronomical growth as they ended 2018 as the #1 credit union in New York under $20 million in 12-month share growth.

Our team was hired to further their brand awareness in the community, especially focused on the New York Police Department. To date, we have planned outdoor media, magazine spreads, event promotions, and huge growth across social media platforms. Next on the agenda? On site video filming and production.


  • Website Development with Custom Artwork and Video

  • Calendar Year Marketing Plan with Tactical Execution Document

  • Video Production

  • Social Media Management

  • Printed Collateral

  • Swag Design for Staff


“I'm so glad we found OMNICOMMANDER. I had searched high and low for a marketing company and nobody compares to what these guys are doing. I was already familiar with them since they built our amazing website. Their CEO Eric Isham is a smart and honest guy. I told Eric that it was a gut decision that we were going to use them for outsourced marketing because I trust his expertise and really feel I chose the best company. There have been a few times that I needed something created fairly quickly for an unexpected meeting or event and they didn't hesitate to provide it right away. If they say they are going to do something, they deliver. Since taking over our social media we have already witnessed a 130% increase in follows on just our Instagram account! They create professional videos and are completely open to all feedback so that I always get the end result that I am looking for. The one thing I can say about OMNICOMMANDER is they are totally dedicated to their partners and treat us like family. These guys always pick up the phone - there are never any games or missed promises. I strongly recommend doing business with this company - they are the best!“

Keith Stone, CEO - The Finest Federal Credit Union

Credit Union Growth with OMNICOMMANDER Marketing

The Website

Video Production

The OMNICOMMANDO team spent 2 days on location with president/CEO Keith Stone to film testimonials and informational/inspirational stories about how the credit union serves their community.

  • Transcript for Video

    1 00:00:10,219 --> 00:00:15,990 My name is Brian Downey I've been in law enforcement for just about 12 years and 2 00:00:15,990 --> 00:00:19,470 I've been banking with The Finest Federal Credit Union for the last two 3 00:00:19,470 --> 00:00:23,670 years and for the last seven months I've been banking exclusively with The Finest 4 00:00:23,670 --> 00:00:30,869 Federal Credit Union I've encountered people here that I've never experienced 5 00:00:30,869 --> 00:00:35,719 that any other large bank there's a personal touch here I know that it's 6 00:00:35,719 --> 00:00:40,170 for my benefit and the benefit of all the other members of the credit union 7 00:00:40,170 --> 00:00:46,170 that the credit union grows expands and becomes as successful as possible but at 8 00:00:46,170 --> 00:00:52,140 the same time I'll miss the unique personal touch that you have here when 9 00:00:52,140 --> 00:00:58,140 you bank here and you have all this cast going in your on in your life as a 10 00:00:58,140 --> 00:01:04,110 person who works in this profession and you can get the CEO or a director on the 11 00:01:04,110 --> 00:01:11,460 phone instantly the products are designed for us they work with us they 12 00:01:11,460 --> 00:01:17,009 understand the unique needs of our profession they understand that you're 13 00:01:17,009 --> 00:01:21,119 running around you have to go back to work you may lose your debit card two 14 00:01:21,119 --> 00:01:28,200 three or four times from personal experience and the only reaction you get 15 00:01:28,200 --> 00:01:33,229 when that happens is you get a new debit card and a smile which goes a long way 16 00:01:33,229 --> 00:01:38,640 they get us they understand us they want to help us and that's what separates 17 00:01:38,640 --> 00:01:43,300 The Finest Federal Credit Union from all other financial institutions

  • Transcript for Video

    1 00:00:04,850 --> 00:00:10,290 [Keith] we go above and beyond for our members and that's you guys so what we do we do 2 00:00:10,290 --> 00:00:15,630 right and here's some of our brochures don't hesitate guys [Officer] thank you [Keith] you're 3 00:00:15,630 --> 00:00:19,890 all welcome loans personal loans up to $30,000 at 4 00:00:19,890 --> 00:00:24,750 very low interest rates we we try to help everyone as quick as possible with 5 00:00:24,750 --> 00:00:28,890 as much as possible and completely online you could become a member online 6 00:00:28,890 --> 00:00:33,120 to go to and then if you wanted to you could apply for a loan 7 00:00:33,120 --> 00:00:37,230 immediately online right after that so we process everything via secure email 8 00:00:37,230 --> 00:00:42,059 we get right back to you and you have my card and I will get back to with any 9 00:00:42,059 --> 00:00:45,980 questions you guys have and don't keep us a secret spread the word all right 10 00:00:45,980 --> 00:00:50,080 guys thank you I appreciate that

  • Transcript for Video

    1 00:00:02,600 --> 00:00:10,300 No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time. -Virgil 2 00:00:10,300 --> 00:00:17,540 We'll never forget the long hours of search. 3 00:00:17,540 --> 00:00:26,220 We'll never forget hearing the news for the first time. 4 00:00:26,220 --> 00:00:32,640 Today, we remember those who lost their lives and all those who gave their lives. 5 00:00:32,640 --> 00:00:36,120 We remember. 6 00:00:36,780 --> 00:00:39,540 646 661 1886 #inthefinestwetrust 7 00:00:40,420 --> 00:00:49,520 we remember

  • Transcript for Video

    1 00:00:06,050 --> 00:00:15,570 [Keith] hi I'm Keith Stone President and CEO at The Finest Federal Credit Union 2 00:00:16,050 --> 00:00:21,420 hey John how are you doing today [John] hey Keith I'm great I was just looking to apply for a 3 00:00:21,420 --> 00:00:27,330 personal loan [Keith] great at The Finest Federal Credit Union loans are easy as one two 4 00:00:27,330 --> 00:00:34,200 three one your apply for the loan two we approve the loan and three here's your 5 00:00:34,200 --> 00:00:38,090 loan [John] oh thanks

Social Media

353.6% 3 month growth on Instagram, tripled content production as well as addition of Facebook events calendar.

Printed Collateral

OMNICOMMANDER design team has created custom art for the website as well as incredibly moving images for posters and other promotional material in the neighborhood of The Finest's branches.

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