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ADA Compliant Websites

In 30 Days! Seriously!

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Your website is typically the first opportunity that you will get to make a first impression. Yet a majority of the homepages that CUs have running look like they were created over 15 years ago. OMNICOMMANDER provides a clean, clear, and crisp website that you can be proud of with modern, and up-to-date design. You will quickly learn how much easier it is to showcase new products and how much faster it is to push information to your membership. Believe us, you will question why you took so long to do this.

Jeep Country On a Mobile Phone


Members access their accounts through mobile devices more than any other method. In 2016 more members accessed their accounts using a mobile device over a traditional desktop. Some of the most successful CUs have adopted a "mobile first" strategy, which we strongly believe in. OMNICOMMANDER provides you with a website that is fully responsive, so no matter what device your members are on, it will look fantastic. If you can see something clearly on your desktop, then you should be able to see it clearly from your phone. It's that simple.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits the exclusion of people with disabilities from everyday activities, such as buying an item at the store, watching a movie in a theater, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, or having the car serviced at a local garage. You may not have realized this, but the law also extends to credit union websites.

SSL Protected


OMNICOMMANDER offers SSL certificates for all domains and third party domains connected to our sites. With SSL enabled automatically, members can access a constant, secure connection on every page of your site. Through SSL, your members see a lock icon next to your URL in the browser, showing that their information is safe.

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a technology that secures the connection between your browser and the website you’re visiting. To verify that SSL is protecting a page, look for a URL beginning with https://, instead of http://, and a green, closed padlock icon. This allows visitors to navigate the website and submit information through a secure connection.


We understand that sometimes you just want to login and make a quick change or update - we get it! That's why we give you access to your website through seat licenses. Inclement weather in your neck of the woods? No problem with OMNICOMMANDER. It's your website, you should have the keys. You can login and post a notice to your members in a matter of minutes. Remember our motto around here - CONTROL EVERYTHING!


Let us design your new beautiful, responsive, ADA compliant websites that works on any type of device... desktop, laptop and mobile. And for all users!

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