That's right. Our Mission Statement is not about websites, it's not about design, it's not about "doing the right thing". Our guide, our default, our "north star" is all about providing the absolute best experience possible. Throughout the day, if anyone has a question on what the answer to a particular issue is, the answer always falls back to the mission statement. We've found that it's served us well so far.

Building a culture around service is the mantra. It's in our DNA. Every employee has the authority and obligation to overdeliver on everything that we do. If there is something wrong or if you need something you can rest assured that you can call the CEO at any time of day or night. I doubt you'll find that kind of commitment from the big guys.


Our philosophy and the driving force behind the solutions we create is simple - no matter what device or access point the member is using - it should all be the same. We understand that this eliminates confusion, streamlines experiences, and builds the ability for you as a credit union to increase both wallet share and the number of overall products and services that you can provide to a member. A true "OMNI" experience is the ultimate goal and win win for everyone.


Too many times credit unions are simply looked at as customers or "the market". We've never really liked the term customer. Instead we are looking for partners. In a partnership there are gives and takes. There are mutual decisions. There is a real, identifiable gap in the credit union industry when it comes to websites. No one is providing clean, easy to navigate, fully responsive websites to credit unions that are under $100 million dollars in assets. That is until now.

We're happy to see providers make the decision to only focus on larger credit unions. Fine with us, we love you guys.