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When you choose OMNICOMMANDER, you choose the best. The creative geniuses that actually build our websites are hands down the best in the industry. We have the trophies to prove it.

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Meet Staff Sargent Aaron Hale, a proud Army and Navy veteran. In his EOD role in the Army, he deployed to Afghanistan where he lost his eyesight due to an IED explosion. Afterward, as a result of the blast, Aaron developed meningitis and also lost most of his hearing. This may seem like a setback for some, but Aaron channels his adversity into motivation that helps others with disabiities. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and ultra marathoner He also works as an accessibility specialist with OMNICOMMANDER. Using screen reader technology, Aaron goes through our websites to establish they're accessible before going live. This step ensures that other individuals relying on assistive technology can easily access, navigate, and interpret OMNICOMMANDER websites. Aaron is the epitome of an individual who does not let their disabilities hinder them from doing what they love And experiencing life to the fullest.

ADA Compliance

OMNICOMMANDER specializes in ADA compliant web design with a passion for increasing public understanding of accessibility and accessible technology. OMNICOMMANDER has two blind employees, Aaron Hale & Jessica Moss, that reviews all websites prior to going live in order to ensure accessibility. OMNICOMMANDER is actively working to pioneer a more accessible internet one website at a time. It is our hope that the internet can be accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of the manner in which information is obtained, whether it is seen with the eyes, heard through the ears, or felt through the fingers.

To learn more about Aaron Hale, visit

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Dada County FCU Website

Mobile Friendly

Since our start, responsive web design (RWD) has been just part of our SOPs (ask one of your military friends). RWD ensures that site visitors have an optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation, with minimum resizing, panning or scrolling - across all devices. We create flexible and fluid layouts that adapt to any screen. We're pretty much the BESSSS!

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Translate Everything!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Hispanic Americans will increase and currently make up the largest ethnic or racial minority, at 18.1% in 2018. If your digital content isn't considering this fast-growing population, you’re missing out on potentially 50+ million members and clients. Contact Us today to take the first step to develop a Spanish translation of your website!

Our Top of the Line CMS

OMNICOMMANDER provides an industry leading, practical, easy to use content management software (CMS). Our simple, yet powerful, solution enables clients to manage their online presence with amazing functionality and style.


Quick Deployment, Personalized Training and Support

OMNICOMMANDER resolves time concerns by completing websites in considerably less time than our competitors - 30 days. Seriously! Constant communication regarding your site starts with scheduling a kick off call with your project manager, and continues with a dedicated account manager handling day to day tasks after your site is live. Our user-friendly software and guidance gives peace of mind. Training is hands on, available with video, and scheduled monthly to give you all the tools needed to confidently manage your new and improved website. Our highly responsive, helpful staff of experts in their field are here to help. We are really, really good at being the besss!

Access to the Website

We understand that sometimes you just want to log in and make a quick change or update - we get it! That's why we give you access to your website through seat licenses. Inclement weather in your neck of the woods? No problem with OMNICOMMANDER. You can log in and post a notice to your members in a matter of minutes. Remember our motto around here - CONTROL EVERYTHING!

Think of OMNICOMMANDER as your very own IT department, with unlimited hosting, top-of-the-line security, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, and around-the-clock support. Get personalized support from our Customer Care Team via email or live chat, or join a live webinar. Reach out any time.  


Dade Coutnty Federal Credit Union

OMNICOMMANDER is a true pleasure to work with and have been a great resource for us to use!


InFirst Federal Credit Union

We love the new site! We are getting great feedback from members and employees of InFirst Federal Credit Union.


Jackson County Teachers Credit Union

So proud of our new website, it looks AWESOME!! Eric and his team are just fabulous!